How to: Installation Guide for LED Emergency Vehicle Lights

How to: Installation Guide for LED Emergency Vehicle Lights

The following guide outlines some basic installation and maintenance procedures for your new LED emergency vehicle lights.

Proper installation of your lights will require a basic understanding of automotive electronics, systems and procedures. We also recommend that you do not install the lights or route any wires in the deployment area of your airbag.

It should also be noted that the installer assumes all responsibility to determine proper mounting location, based on providing ultimate safety to all passengers inside the vehicle.

If your new emergency lights use a remote device to activate or control flash patterns, make sure that the control is located in an area that allows both vehicle and the control to operate safely in all driving conditions.

When mounting the lights, if where you decide to put them requires drilling holes, you’re going to want to be sure that the drilling process does not damage any vital vehicle components or cause leaking holes. Check both sides of the mounting surface before drilling begins. Also, de-burr any holes and remove any metal shards or remnants. Install grommets into all wire passage holes and do not attempt to activate or control the lights in a hazardous driving situation.

We recommend you use only soap and water to clean the outer lens of your LED lights as the use of other chemicals could result in premature lens cracking (crazing) and/or discoloration. Emergency light lenses in this condition have significantly reduced effectiveness and should be replaced immediately.

Some last words of wisdom; we recommend thoroughly inspecting and operating your lights regularly to confirm its proper operation and mounting condition. You’ll also want to avoid using a pressure washer to clean the lights. Furthermore, in order for the emergency lights to operate at optimum efficiency, a good electrical connection to chassis ground must be made. The recommended procedure requires the product ground wire to be connected directly to the Negative (-) battery post.

These basic tips and tricks will help you install and care for your LED emergency lights for a long time to come. Let us know  if you have any other tips for effective LED light maintenance.

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