Everything you need to know about replacing headlights

Everything you need to know about replacing headlights

Headlights can sound pretty simple to maintain and replace but we get a lot of questions about compatibility, lifespan, cost, and legality. So let's answer some of the most common ones!

How much does it cost to replace a headlight?

The cost to replace will vary, but our headlights cost around $50 for a pair. If you want to get headlights professionally installed, there will be an additional cost. Most local repair shops and dealerships will replace headlights (even without a warranty) for a small fee.

What's the brightest headlight?

Xenon headlights are by far the brightest headlights available. Our Auxbeam LED headlights are almost as bright but have slightly different properties - Xenon headlights are known for having a lot of glare and are better at illuminating the sides of roads, while LED headlights are better at illuminating the road itself.

Can I convert my headlights to LED?

Yes! The headlights we sell are actually conversion kits, so you can convert from Xenon or HID to LED. The conversion kit compatibility varies, so you'll want to take a look at our LED headlight compatibility matrix to confirm the type.

Are LED headlights brighter than HID?

Xenon headlights, a type of HID headlights, are generally brighter than LED. 

Are HID headlights better than LED?

Despite being more common in factory assemblies, HID headlights are less efficient and don't last as long as LED headlights. In our book, lifespan is very important so we tend to prefer LED headlights. That said, they're more expensive.

What are the best headlights for night driving?

LED headlights generally are the best all-around performers, but we see a lot of HID installations for their higher brightness.

What is the best color for headlights?

White. Yellow headlights were popular simply because old headlights were acetylene lamps, which emit yellow light by default. Many countries don't even allow yellow headlights anymore. Blue headlights are sometimes less effective than pure white (5000-6000k).

Who makes the best headlights?

Auxbeam, by far. We only sell Auxbeam headlights because they've been proven time and time again to be the best headlights.

Should I replace both headlights at once?

Yes - headlights dim over time and you don't want one headlight to be brighter than the other. It's safe to assume, since headlights have the same lifespan, when one burns out the other will as well.

How often should headlights be replaced?

When they start to dim enough to affect visibility, or when they burn out. Our Auxbeam headlights generally last up to 30,000 hours (~3.4 years if always running).

Can I drive with one headlight?

No, you shouldn't drive with one headlight. You will likely be pulled over as issued a citation. You should also avoid driving with dim headlights, as it's not as safe.

Which headlight is compatible with my car?

We've put together a list of 1,166 cars and their compatible low/high beam and fog lights.

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